Vex 7
Butcher Warehouse
Welcome back to Vex 7, the latest installment in the famous Vex series. Now it's your time to show off your ultimate moving skills like a true ninja!
Butcher Warehouse

Butcher Warehouse

Butcher Warehouse
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Butcher Warehouse


Butcher Warehouse allows you to manage your own farmette and meat processing facility. You can also run a butcher shop. The player will have to master the various aspects of managing a business, such as planting crops and harvesting them, slaughtering and supplying cattle, stocking the market and other related products, running the cash register, and hiring personnel. Their primary objective is to build a profitable company.

In the beginning, the player picks up maize from the display and takes it to the store. The player uses the leftover grain to grow chicks into chickens and feeds them enough to make eggs. Once the player accumulates enough money, they can hire a cashier. The player can set up a chicken slaughtering machine that uses a belt to kill and pluck live birds before dumping the raw poultry in a container to be picked up by the stickman and taken to the market chiller.

The stickman is instructed to move on the gray areas of the floor. The stickman is guided to the white-framed areas that represent the money needed for the expansion of the market and warehouse.

Butcher Warehouse allows the player to use the sales money to increase the speed of the stickman and his carrying capacity. They should raise cows and set up the conveyor belt and meat processor before they spend money on this feature.

How To Play

You can use your mouse to play this game.

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