Vex 7
Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales
Welcome back to Vex 7, the latest installment in the famous Vex series. Now it's your time to show off your ultimate moving skills like a true ninja!
Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales

Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales

Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales

Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales


Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales are just like the previous games in this series! Fairies will also be joining them on this adventure. They are made of elements, and they have strengths and weaknesses to match their nature. Fireboy can walk on fire and lava but will drown if he gets into water. Watergirl can navigate through water-based obstacles with ease because she is immune to them. However, Watergirl will die if she is in direct contact with fire, just like her fiery twin. There are two types of gems for each level. Fireboy can only find red gems, and Watergirl blue. Fireboy or Watergirl must solve the puzzles to beat each level.


  • 30 levels to pass.
  • Two-player gameplay.
  • You can also control both characters by yourself.
  • Addictive puzzle levels.

How To Play

  • Use AWD to move Watergirl, use the Arrow keys to move Fireboy, use your mouse to move the Fairies.
  • Complete all levels fast enough and grabbing all the diamonds to get a perfect score.

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