Vex 7
Happy Snakes
Welcome back to Vex 7, the latest installment in the famous Vex series. Now it's your time to show off your ultimate moving skills like a true ninja!
Happy Snakes

Happy Snakes

Happy Snakes
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Happy Snakes


Happy Snakes is an game that allows you to play as a small snake, trying to get the most orbs. Take their orbs and get another snake to come alongside you. To avoid getting hit, you can use the speed booster. However, it will make your serpent smaller.


  • Multiplayer snake game featuring happy snakes.
  • Three field sizes to play: small, medium, and large.
  • Various snake skins to use.
  • Fast-paced gameplay.
  • Mini-map to see the location of other snakes.

How To Play

Use your mouse to move and press left mouse button to boost speed.

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