Vex 7
Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!
Welcome back to Vex 7, the latest installment in the famous Vex series. Now it's your time to show off your ultimate moving skills like a true ninja!
Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!

Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!

Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!
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Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!


In this game, Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack! Determination is key. It will drive you to return and attempt another method. Each level requires considerable effort as well as fundamental reflexes or strategic abilities. If you think you are the best, you might start at level 1. You can continue moving around the arena if you encounter a hostile group. For greater distance, aim at the nearest creatures to increase the distance. Bombers are out there, and they will explode close to you. Keep your eyes open, collect money from fallen foes, and then fill the level meters. After completing the objectives, you can visit the shop to prepare for the next assignment. You may find new weapons, explosives, or healing kits in the store. This block world allows you to create new methods and take your gear further.

How To Play

PC Control

  • WASD: Move Left mouse button: Shoot Right Mouse Button: Throw a bomb R: Reload weapon

Mobile control

  • Control the sticks that are located on the left and right of the screen to move and open fire on opponents.

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