Vex 7
Traffic Tour
Welcome back to Vex 7, the latest installment in the famous Vex series. Now it's your time to show off your ultimate moving skills like a true ninja!
Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour
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Traffic Tour


Traffic Tour is an online driving game where you must rush through traffic. You'll have the chance to race against powerful cars in all these traffic events. Successfully completing missions and other events will reward you. Enjoy some fun times in highway traffic with your chosen vehicle.


  • Real Racing experience and realistic graphics.
  • Challenge other players in a real-time multiplayer mode.
  • Join 100 different online missions and get prizes by beating your opponents.

How To Play

  • W = accelerate.
  • A = move left.
  • D = move right.
  • S = brake.
  • Shift = nitro.
  • Esc = pause.

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